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Becoming a Member

Out of the Box Membership - step one

  • Click the 'Join Us' button below to go to the plans and pricing page.

  • When you choose your plan, you can either login or signup

  • If you are signing up for the first time, follow the signup process and you will return to the plans page. 

  • The email confirmation of signup will also have a link to the plans page. 

Out of the Box Membership - step two
  • Now that you have signed up or logged in, pick the plan of your choice

  • Make sure you have any coupon codes ready

  • If you are a Clinical Education Member for example, obtain your discount code / coupon here first.

  • Enter your discount / coupon code on the Checkout page. Please note that some coupons are recurring and some are once only.

  • Once the code is entered, check that it has been accepted. If not, click here.

Out of the Box Membership - step three
  • ​Once payment is processed, you will receive a payment confirmation and welcome emails to the community.

  • We will authenticate your GMC status on the website.

  • If your GMC number is not authenticated against your details, we will contact you and remove you from the membership. 

If your coupon code isnt working, contact us at

Benefits of membership

With your membership, you now have access to another year of high quality business and clinical support to help you take the next steps on your business journey.

To help you in your journey, we will provide access to -  

Out of the Box Medics Video Library

Membership will provide you with access to all the prior webinar content from Out of the Box Medics. This includes information about CQC registration, medical indemnity, business coaching and support.

Out of the Box Medics Community

Being part of the Out of the Box Medics community. Please email to be added to the WhatsApp group.

Out Of the Box Medics Podcasts

Podcasts of all the webinars free for members to use. Please ensure that you are logged in to purchase your ticket.

Out of the Box Medics Collaborative boards

Collaborative boards are set up as an interactive method to share ideas and help with solutions to problems. Contact us for more information.

*Being visible to the rest of the community means that the forum function will be available. If you choose not to be visible, you will not be able to use the forum pages. Howeverm within the membership settings and accounts pages, you can change your status at any time.

**If you are not on the GMC GP or Specialist Register, we will seek further information prior to approval.

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