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Collaborative business support for doctors to connect, inspire, grow, learn and thrive.

Our Mission

When I started my practice, I had so many questions that needed answers. 

"What steps do I need to take to start a business?"

"What will my business look like?"

"What regulations must I be aware of?"

"Who are the people who want my services?"

"Can I be the CEO of my business?"


Are you asking these questions?

Out Of The Box Medics aims to provide the answers to these, and many more, scary but important questions that any entrepreneurial doctor may have.

A one-stop shop for medical entrepreneurs
Three ways to get involved.

Media Membership

£19.97 per month

  • Access to Video Content

  • Regular new video content

  • Conversations and interviews with relevant business and clinical leaders

Community Coaching

£99 per month

  • Media membership benefits plus

  • Twice monthly collaborative meetings to discuss clinical or business cases

  • 2nd Monday evening of each month and 4th Friday lunchtime of each month

  • This allows our inidividual practitioners to feel supported and not isolated

  • We are looking to build on this by developing clinical governance meetings, complaints review meetings

One to One Coaching

£1200 for two months.

  • Benefits of the Media Content and Community Coaching services plus

  • One hour a week for 8 weeks of one to one personalised support (to be used within a 16 week period)

  • Personalised support to take you to the next step of your journey to getting your dream practice

  • Coaching provided by Dr Indra Barathan

  • A coaching workbook to follow

  • Time to explore, create and develop the practice that you are passionate about

Here are some words from our members
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