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Clinical Education
Clinical Education website

Clinical Education is an organisation passionately committed to supporting health care professionals with the latest unbiased scientific research and clinical support for effective nutritional solutions.

Founded by Mike Ash (please see Out of the Box Medics September 2021 Webinar) the site now hosts an excellent range of CPD presentations. It also hosts the "Nutrihub" which is a nutrition education platform. 

The educational material is supported by research from peer reviewed journals and across many disciplines

Their mission to provide high quality eduction, online training and coaching in nutrition and lifestyle is supported by us at Out of the Box Medics.

If you are a clinical education member, please login to your Clinical Education account to get the coupon code to enjoy 10% off your Out of the Box Medics annual membership

Dont forget to enter the coupon code at checkout. Click on the images above to go immediately to the site.

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