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Our Vision

To create a safe space 

to support doctors 

to grow their own sustainable and profitable  healthcare business.

Our vision at Out of the Box Medics

"When we all help each other out, when we stand together, we are stronger together"

- Hilary Clinton

Our Story

I started Dr Indra Specialist Functional Medicine Practice in 2015 after attending the AFMCP. I listened to my gut and spent time learning how to be a businesswoman. The journey has been so exciting and has allowed me to cultivate the creativity within me.


Over time I have spoken to so many other amazing doctors who want to practice both in the public and private sectors but are not sure how to do this. This is the main reason I have created this business support community with my husband, Heshan.

We felt that as a community, we are stronger together, supporting each other as we navigate a new world of healthcare and learning from each other.

Your Team

Click on our pictures below to read more about us.

Dr Indra Barathan
Dr Heshan Panditaratne
Ms Elaine McAnuff

Dr. Indra Barathan is a Specialist Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP) with a large multi-disciplinary clinic in the North of England. 

Out of the Box Medics was an idea that came from Indra.


Indra completed medical training in the same year as Heshan at Charing Cross Medical School. She trained as a GP and practised in the NHS from 1998 to 2016. During that time she was a Salaried GP, Locum and Partner in practices in Leeds. ​

Indra trained in Functional Medicine via the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). She underwent  2 weeks of observational clinical practice at the  Hospital-based Functional Practice - the Cleveland Clinic Ohio.

The Dr. Indra Specialist Functional Medicine opened in 2015.  The clinic has a space at Iveridge Hall in Leeds where she meets patients face to face but does offer online consultations. The team has grown and is currently composed of 7 practitioners and 3 admin staff. 


Indra is dedicated to her family, her patients and her work. She lives in Wakefield and is hoping to start a branch of the practice in London which is great as her girls are studying in London for higher education. She loves dance, yoga, meditation, musicals and is a stickler for romantic movies.

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