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Asked to support a NT with her Thyroid patients.
How can we do this safely and effectively and cost wise considerations?


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Summary from the meeting

Proforma for the referring NT to use COnsent at the consultation to be utilised Need to consider Responsibility lies with the prescriber Safety and follow up lies with the prescriber. Need to consider red flag symptoms There is a lab in london which is offering 10min consultation for £30 for the Pharmacist to prescribe medication What would happen if you didn't agree with the NT How to make a diagnosis in a short appointment This could be a lead generation for the practice seeing patients for shorter appointments and also for NT to refer to use the GP side of the service. Need you consider the interface with the NT and information sharing. Making sure the patients know who is responsibility for what.


Keep yourself safe and consent each patient We need to charge for the appointment To create a protocol for referrals. Need to follow up appropriately. TO speak with the NT to figure out boundaries. Network with NT to use this as a lead generator for the practice.

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